How to make a realistic looking glass of bottle?

Hello everyone. Graphics and rendering are not my profession and I am trying to learn this stuff.

I would like to make a realistic purple glass of a bottle in material editor. However, I don’t understand this translucent material domain. I have switched to “Translucent” blend mode and “Surface TranslucencyVolume”. When I make a glass material and applied to an object, object looks pretty shallow, not the kind of a glass you would see in real life. As if it doesn’t exist but you can see a shallow image of it.

And I cannot find a decent tutorial showing the subtleties of how to make a glass in unreal engine. All tutorials I find is really basic and they say “We put the value # in to opacity, and yeah! There we have a glass.”
Let me show you what I got at the moment:

This is what I have in viewport as a result of material:

This is what I have in material editor. I have copied and pasted this from somewhere. I didn’t compeletely understand why we did use vertex color.