How to make a real crystal material? Complex layered translucent effect.

for example like this3348df5db761eb326e3b6d1336087ace1dd62672.jpegbd68abcb42efcd27f885b83bd75771bb79eb7e3c.jpegbrazilian-amethyst-rough.jpgCIMG1765.JPGCIMG1760.JPG

Well… for something extremely realistic I’d say that you would need volumetric rendering. But in common practice, details inside the crystal can be faked with parallax offset.

Can I have a look at the finished effect it

this is very hard to do in pre-rendered CG, I’d say not very doable in realtime. Transparency sorting becomes and issue as you try to layer things together to make all the elements of the crystals. I’ve modeled internal cracks and facets and that works ok, kinda neat, but not realistic.

can we make a crystal planet? I have that concept in my game but not the graphics yet.

planet scale changes a lot of things. But it depends on your skillset of what alls going on. atmosphere, wheres the light coming from? etc.

There are other similar examples?:o

Look into using a texture mask for subsurface color on a subsurface model. It’s an approximation that renders as a wholly opaque object and the texture is flat, so there’s no real translucency or volume, but you do get proper semi-translucent subsurface scattering/backlighting and reflections, which are the most important aspects to convey when rendering crystal.

But 3D volumetric textures? Um, that’s highly experimental, and not all GPUs can handle it. I know UE4 engineers are looking into volumetric effects for clouds and volumetric decals and such, but it might take some time before the proper tools come out to be able to literally design a 3D object with internal layers. In fact, there’s no standard yet for how such data should be handled. It’s not like an FBX file that works with everything from Maya to Blender and UE4, this kind of volumetric modeling is very new, and as far as I’m aware, doesn’t exist yet.

The closest you would get is probably ice material example on answerhub](Can this effect be achieved in UE4? - UE4 AnswerHub).

Oh it‘s pretty good !I will do the test ,Thanks a lot:o