How to make a Pulsating material

hi guys im trying to make an electronic floor material like the ones you see in dance clubs
here is the material i’m trying to make :

This time look at the Blue floor look how it looks so i have 2 textures for this floor
i have 2 textures for the floor


i have a basic node setup having only the blue texture on the emission

Since we already explained how to do the stepping panner node, you could just use the same texture (minus the edges… so only the blue) and use the same node input you used to step the regular texture and step the version without the edges, multiply it by a value and put it into the emissive input.

Well all of the blocks are made with one material and the problem is that they only have only 1 material ID for all of the blocks

Another option would be to make use of the Time node and sine/Cosine (plugin Time as input for Sine/Cosine node). Take the output of Sine/Cosine node and multiply it with the emissive. By adjusting the sine/cosine period, you can get smooth pulsating effect like the one you see in the GIF.

However with this technique all the tiles pulsate in the same way. To make them pulsate differently, you should add a Material param (float) called ‘Phase’ and add this to the output of Sine/Cosine node. Then you should create ,multiple instances of this material and set different values for Phase in them.

Once that is done, apply the same material instance to tiles that are at the same radius from centre. If you set the Phase correctly, this will give you the ripple effect you see in the GIF

I think try the UE4 blue-script with Christmas Light…they have last holiday :slight_smile: