How to make a projectile attach on hit location?

i trying to make my arrows attach to the hit location, but event hit doesnt work.


There isn’t enough information at all here. Is the screenshot from your arrow blueprint?

You will probably want to look at setting the World location of the Object (Or arrow) to the Hit Location from the event Hit as a start.

Second what Dune said, then you’d want to deactivate your object so no more physics are simulated after impact (node: SetActive).

Ty for reply, but the event hit not even happens.

arrow blueprint

no print string ( arrow is not attached, just crossing the mesh )

I see you have a Sphere component in your BP, are you using this for collision? If so, could you try creating an EventHit Event from it to see if that one works?

like that? doesnt work too

Ok, check its Collision settings to see if you have Simulation Generates Hit Events checked and that the Collision is set to Query and Physics. Also check that your collision channels are set to block the one used by the wall (the wall would also need to have these responses set eventually). For more detailed info I can recommend this doc.

Nothing yet…

Ok let’s go off the Test actor now, I see you’re using the Static Mesh as the collider but have you set up a collision volume for it? Simplest way would be to open up its asset in the Content Browser and set its Collision Complexity to “Use Complex as Simple” then try to see if the On Component Hit Event for the Static Mesh fires.
That said, this is probably not the best approach because it uses complex (per-poly) collision which is expensive. After checking whether yours works, try this setup, which I just tested to work:

My Static Mesh component has no active Simulate Physics, Generate HitEvents, or Generate OverlapEvents. The Sphere is also not Simulating Physics (because this is incompatible with the Projectile Movement component) but does generate Hit and Overlap events, which I use to detect for collisions and fire that OnHit event.

Thank you! everything is working fine now.