How to make a material semitransparent in-game

Hi. I have found some tutorials on how to make a transparent material and that works fine. But they seem so lifeless.

I want the “standard” color from the fps template boxes but I want them to be able to change to be semitransparent when I pick them up. I know how to trigger it but I don’t know how to change he transparency of the material so it looks good. I attached an image so you can see what I mean. I copied the material of the right box and changed it to be transparent. I changed blend mode to translucent but the result looks so cheap. Its the one on the left. I fiddled around with settings and tried other blend modes but I can’t get it to look good.

How do I keep the same look but make it semitransparent?

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Do you mean something like this?


Changing the transparency amount?

Yeah but I want to do it on this material from the cube. And I want it to look just like it does now but then I want to make it semitransparent when you pick it up so you can see were you’re going.

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You could just create two different materials -> one without and one with transparency. After that just switch the material when the player picks up the mesh

Ok a little too quick then. :smiley:

Ok I thought about that but figured that its better to change the material I already have because it would look more natural. But I will try that.