How to make a laser pointer with widget interaction component and Gear VR with controller


I’m using a widget interaction component and for testing have set debug line to true so I get a red line in the direction the controller is pointing.
But when I go live - maybe oneday - I don’t want the debug line.
I just want a laser pointer. Is there a simple way to do this or do I need to set up the vector nodes, etc. to make it happen?


Disable the debug, and one of the easy way to get a laser pointer is to first use a line trace ( on Tick ) where the extent of the line trace will correspond to the widget interaction max distance, then have a small cylinder mesh ( using a RGB color as material ) attached to the controller, so that you can scale it on just one axis, specifically from the controller up to the UMG menu, using the hit location as your “end” of the laser pointer.
This works nicely and it doesn’t require lots of setup in the BP, so I suggest you to try it out…also there are tons of tutorial on line trace :slight_smile:

I kind of figured out how to do it. I hooked up line trace by channel to the event tick and created a blueprint called “red dot” and just Set Actor Location of Red Dot to the Location of the Line Trace By Channel -> Break hit result.

The problem I have is that I have two Line Trace By Channels now. One is hooked up to the motion controller trigger which fires when the trigger is pulled.

The other one is hooked up to the event tick.

But with both hooked up the Line Trace attached to the motion trigger doesn’t work.

Once I remove the Line Trace hooked up to the event tick then the trigger works again.

The BP is attached.