How to make A.I. aware of damage?

I have a.i. enemies that can be killed with damage. The problem I am having is when they take damage from me they do not focus on me. They ignore me. Ive used the event Any Damage and the damage causer link. But I cant get the result I am looking for. I would like for them to take any damage from me and then instantly look for me or at least look in my direction. I have used several nodes including the Set Focus and Set Focal Point. So my question is…How would you set it up so that your enemies will be aware of damage/attacks against them? How would you set it up so that they will go after the player?

Here is my set up. Its in my controller for my A.I. What is wrong?

I figured it out. This set up works if it is in the right place. I used a Set Focus instead of Set Value as Object. This doesn’t work because its in the controller Blue Print. Now that I have put it into my a.i. enemy blue print, it works fine. The controller doesn’t register damage. Now when i land an attack on them, they acknowledge it!

The set value as object works better than the set focus node. My behavior tree sets the focus elsewhere, so I was getting unstable results.