How to make a Health Bar like Lineage Eternal

I am trying to create a health bar similar to the one found in Lineage Eternal

Any material tips for achieving a similar effect?

You talk about which healt bar? the on on the player or the one at the bottom?

The one at the bottom. Thanks for the response.

More or less with the UMG progress bar you can make it look shiny like theirs with your own custom images you can also read this Styling | Unreal Engine Documentation material based images is prob close to what you want, But its all up to what you make and use for it

Thanks! That is helpful but I am specifically looking for help on how to go about making the cloudy/plasma-like material effect. Any tips for that?

I upload a video with a base to start for a similar effect.

Look in the Learn examples Silly Geo(has nifty glowing stuff to look through) Features Tour 2014(the water and fire mat’s could be useful to make what you want) but more or less try different things and mix and match other materials in Learn projects to see what they do to make an cool effect and how they created the effects
Alot of my materials i make now i learned from messing with all the materials i saw in Learn projects, ya can also YouTube/google some material ideas some people have posted nifty ones

I which i can help you :stuck_out_tongue:

I show a little bit the bound of the material, but to have different effect you just need to play with texture and adapt value to your need.

Exactly the type of thing I was looking for. Thanks a ton!

This is my pleasure! don’t forgot to mark this question as resolved!