How to make a flight game?

Can any one give me the answer please

Hey there (:

i guess this will not be the answer you are looking for, but there is no direct answer to this ):

What features do you have problems with? What is your current game missing? Have you started with something or is this a pre-question?

Other questions that come up are: What exactly is flying for you? Stationary drone? Jets? Should the planes be able to take off etc?
There is so much stuff that your question includes that you really need to break down what you’ve got problems with (:

I just would like to complete what the eXi suggested.
I suggest to decide what type of flight game what you want to create.
I gess you have two options:

  1. An arcade game for fun, but in this case you jast need to focus for scripted/limited forces…i mean for cobstant force which can midofied by user interaction.
  2. A realistic simulation of flight. That is the hardest thing, because of you need to aware of base of flights. As far as i know, and feel free to correct me, but physix just able to simulate the forces, collisions (gravity). So you need to build a complete athmosphere with its variables ( like teperature, density on different altitudes).
    I hope that i could give you some new idea how you can start it.

There are two plugins that have been submitted to the marketplace (not available to the public yet) that have good potential to give the ‘environment’ need for realistic flight dynamics.

Easy Flight Model