How to make a direct reference from particle system to an actor blueprint?

I’m doing a VR fire extinguisher project. But i’m having some trouble doing the “fire extinguish” part.

I’m implementing this by doing a line tracing by channel coming out from the tube. This line tracing will detect another actor BP that’s made of 1 static mesh and 1 particle system, once there’s detection from line tracing coliding with the static mesh the particles must turn off correctly. But i can’t get a complete reference to this particle system because the fire extinguisher and its components are contained within another actor BP (main camera, motion controllers, line tracing, etc.).

So what i need to do in order to at least get the “deactivate” node and turn off the particle system? I’m fairly new to unreal in general so any help and indication is appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m adding a screenshot of the BP where im trying to implement this. It’s the one where i got all VR components and line tracing (also sorry for some bad grammar, english is not my main language).

Does the “Hit Actor” have the particle system? If yes, “cast to X” actor (whatever actor has the particle system) from the “hit actor” pin. Use the output from the cast node to “get” the particle system component.