How to make a custom synchronization conditions

Suppose I have a server with three players: A, B, C. Players have an attribute: x, which indicates their ability to camouflage themselves. There is another attribute: y, which indicates their ability to discover each other.

The maximum distance they can find each other: z = y-x. For example, if A wants to find B, the distance Z between A and B must be less than A’s detection ability y minus B’s camouflage ability x. So there may be a situation where a can’t find B which is close, but C which is far away, because C is not good at camouflage himself.

If the client can know other people’s information and only set it as transparent material or other display camouflage, then the cheating software can identify the enemy through various marking methods. So many game stealth skills will be targeted by cheating software. So I imagine that if the server thinks you can’t see the enemy, it won’t tell you the enemy’s information. Whether to send the enemy’s information to you depends on the judgment of the server. If you want to achieve such a function, the default synchronization method seems to be not working.

So I find a concept named Relevancy .It can control whether the two clients are network related or not. But we can`t edit it by bluepoint.So only you developers can implement it in depth. I think such a function is necessary. I hope it can be installed in the next version. The simple point is to use two floating-point controls, like net curl distance.