How to make a character Hover/fly on key press

i’m looking to find a way to have my third person character hover or fly on a key press. i want him to hover maybe a little higher than he can jump, and be able to completely control him in air, just as a flying effect to the magic game i am making. much appreciated!

You could use a line trace to find out how far you are from the ground. If you are closer than the hight you want to hover at, you can apply a force counteracting gravity and lifting your character up. Or if you do stuff without physics, you can simply set your character at a location that is as far away from the ground as you want to. You will have to do this every frame.

Thanks for the reply! but would you by chance have a video or something on this? i tried doing what you said (i am still relatively new to ue4) and all i got was a line trace set up and only a red line appears lol