How to make a blurry screen space reflection?

Hi, I want to make a blurry screen space reflection but when I increase the roughness of the material then the reflection is just fading without being blurred. I know that it’s for performance but I want to use blurred screen space reflection on a small part of the scene for example on specific objects, like the metal of the table.

I tried to google it then I don’t understand the answers, people say that they change the SSR quality, but I don’t know how to change it, they don’t explain.

Try setting the Max Roughness parameter in a post process volume to 1.0:

you cannot.
They are either on or off, depending on the Max Roughness setting

@YuriyODonnell , thank you, I accidentally found it, I mean 50% accidentally found it because thanks to you, I selected the PostProcessVolume then I did go to Screen Space Reflections, and I increased the quality then problem solved.

Here is the proof that it works: