How to make a Blueprint of Static Mesh exploding and have sound?

Now back in UDK i made a static mesh, didn’t do an explosion but had to place sound where it was located. i was wondering if there was a way in UE4, just like with what i did with the mancannon mesh, where i can make my static mesh, I called it a fusion coil, have a blueprint, so i can simply repeat, and have sound with the fusion coil, and a triggered explosion that does damage if near it, with an explosion sound. Is it possible to do all in one with a Blueprint. So like in any game say like Call of Duty or Battlefield etc with the red barrels that explode or with Halo with the fusion coils,propane tanks etc. how you can walk up to them and they are perfectly normal, you can knock them over if you want and they have a small sound playing, humming, and if you shoot it, it will explode, animation of an explosion, the mesh disappears and the explosion sound is triggered and there is volume damage. Is it possible to do with a BP, and if so how do i do that?

Oh and how do i make a SM movable so i can know it over is i wanted to? Is it just changing it from Static to Movable? or is there more? Capture.JPG

you might want to have a look here

some where in there are a few vid’s on making an exploding barrel

Tht’s perfect. ya i used their method to make the water for my area. ya here is the video, there are 4 of them. UE4 - Blueprint Explosive Barrel #1 - Basic Setup - YouTube ya i was checking Pub, Tesla, and MetalGameStudio but i guess i missed that video when looking through lol thanks so much ill check it out.