How to Make a 2d Particle System

I was wondering how to make a 2d particle system that collides with the sprites and bounces off them. kind of like this Reddit - Dive into anything (click on the gyfy link). Thanks in advance.

Hi BrentB -

You can get there with some minor limitations when it comes to colliding with a Pawn, but Sprite Collision should work. I have attached to 4.7.4 assets below ( a Material and a Particle System) which you can add to a level for testing purposes. In general though it comes down to making sure all of your particle sprites exist in the Y plane at all times of their life. and then placing your emitter in the same Y plane as the Paper2D Sprites you want to collide with. (Obviously you want to set up Sprite Collision as well).

Hopefully that makes since and the test assets can give you a starting point to build off of -

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

link text

Also, you may need to re-add the M_TestParticle to the P_CollisionTest System when you load the assets into your project the first time.

Make sure that you have aligned the particle system in the same Y as your platforms and that your sprites for the platforms have BLOCK ALL set in the sprites collision.

Eric Ketchum

I just put it into my scene but it still wont collide with the sprite, I am using the default sprites in the 2d template.

Eric I added it into the scene but it still wont collide with the sprites, I am using the default 2d template sprites.

it mostly works now but the particles bounce unnaturally and straight back, also the particles stick to the character.