How to maintain particle direction when the parent object is rotated?+

So I have a torch effect (from the VFX Fire Pack) and I’d like the flame to always point directly upwards, even when the torch is rotated around. Is there a setting for that in the particle system?

There are some ways, here 2:

  1. Make particles only acceleration (gravity) affected (no initial speed, or slow one)
  2. Do not rotate emitter with torch (link only position of emitter)
    I would prefer first one.
    For second one You need align particle emitter by blueprint (set rotation and position, depend on linking).

You can also make sure that the particle system is using the “World Space” instead of “Local Space” in the required module.

Thank you guys, I will definitely try those out. :slight_smile:

So turning down the initial speed worked for the orientation! Thank you!

(Turning on Local Space worked well for making it so the fire doesn’t trail behind really far when the player or torch are moving - everything but embers and smoke was good for me.)