How to lower the quality of game played?

Hey there!

I just tried to run a blueprint and play it, but this laptop isn’t really an A-grade thing.
I will get new one over 6 months which will handle them without problems.
But I’m still too eager to start doing something. Your engine is so awesome and constructively made.
That I can’t just wait for those 6 months, and I’d really like to play with your engine while learning how it works.
And when the new laptop arrives, I would start my own journey in game development.
So the question is, is there a way to lower graphics quality in “Play Mode” in editor?
I’d mostly prefer not to just see wire-frame, but if Unreal Engine could pause these down to earth awesome shaders, that would be great.

Is there a way to do this? and set to low. If you’re still having problems you may be out of luck.

It wasn’t that bad :P, it was around 20FPS, and for me, as intense gamer, it really hurts an eye, also input reactions seemed delayed, these were only two issues.

Lowering settings from EPIC to Medium worked just fine, from 20FPS to 60FPS, thank you for your solution.