How to look through a fixed camera regardless of your position in the room.

**Hello everyone, **

I’m working on a VR project in which I’d like to have the character be able to get in and out of a spaceship.

In order to do that I have two character pawns, one with movement inputs to walk around and another one without inside the spaceship.

The problem I’m facing is when I possess the static pawn in the spaceship, there is an offset on the camera based on my position in my real room.

I can’t figure out a way to have the camera precisely where I want it to be without the use of the Reset orientation and position node which then messes up the height of the camera until I restart the engine.

**I’ve been looking for a solution and struggling with this issue for a while so if someone could point me at a tutorial or documentation on how to do that, that would be great. **

**Thanks in advance **