How to log into MessageLog?

How to log into this?

Does it need to be the MessageLog or would the OutputLog also work for you?

I need to bring an artist attention when they change parameters inside the editor but they don’t have log opened all the time.

Would the FMessageLog be what you are looking for?

Seems to be pretty straight forward,
the log messages are displayed when the FMessageLog is destroyed.

		auto messageLog = FMessageLog("My log name");
		messageLog.Open(EMessageSeverity::Info, true);
		messageLog.Message(EMessageSeverity::Info, FText::FromString("My error!!!"));

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Yep, thanks!


FMessageLogModule& MessageLogModule = FModuleManager::LoadModuleChecked(“MessageLog”);
FMessageLogInitializationOptions InitOptions;
InitOptions.bShowPages = true;
InitOptions.bAllowClear = true;MessageLogModule.RegisterLogListing(“MessageLogName”, LOCTEXT(“MessageLogs”, “MessageLogs”), InitOptions);