how to lock lightmaps ?


I’m looking for that answer since ages but i can’t found a way to lock/freeze lightmaps (say to lightmass to not recompute some lightmaps)
If you have a complex scene and make a simple change, i don’t want lightmass recompute everythings because it take ages…

Said you have two rooms and a door between, if i have finish the room 1 i want to lock the lightmaps to not be recomputed when i’m working on room2, because room 1 is finished…
switching all objects from static to movable is not a solution

is there a way ? it’s very frustrating

thanks very much for helping

As one of Unreal Engine developers said, it is possible to turn off visible flag for objects, then those objects would not be baked and only visible objects will be baked. I will try to experiment with this today, I am suffering too from baking entire 5x5 km level.

its not an idea because if you hide some objects, like a roof or a wall, light come inside …
I just want to say to lightmass : “hey guys, don’t redrawn my lightmap, she’s good, job’s done ! !”

This is quite difficult question for me also, I hope someone from UE developers will shed the light on this question=)

If you rebuild lighting it will rebuild the entire scene. There isn’t a way to tell it not to rebuild only parts of the scene.

Oh sad news… it’s one of the first things i naturally look at about lightmaps…
It could be very nice to add a “lock lightmap for this object” flag

thank you for answer

oh yes…im suffering from the same workflow issue as well…especially if i only want to experiment with lightmap resolutions for some parts