How to light an indoor infinite runner for mobile?

Hey, very new to using UE4. Does anyone have and tips or suggestions that might send me in the right direction on this? I have an infinite runner that spawns and destroys actors that act as sections of the dungeon my character is running through. I’m targeting mobile devices. Unfortunately, since I have to spawn and move each new section, I can’t use static lighting which is just about all that mobile supports. I’m allowed to have a directional light, but how can I use that if the whole thing takes place indoors?

Hope I was clear. Thanks for any help you can provide.

P.S. I am going to implement object pooling later, but that still doesn’t solve the fact I have to move the level sections into place.

Okay I’ve worked on this some more and still no luck. I’ve tried taking all the static meshes in my actor and setting them to “light as if static” then placing the actor directly into my scene and lighting it with a separate static point light. My hope that the lighting would bake in, and then I’d be able to move the actor to my player. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, moving the actor away from my point light seems to plunge it into darkness.

Is there some way. Any way at all, that I can bake my lighting onto an actor composed of static meshes and then move it around? It doesn’t matter if I have to have the object already in my scene, or if I spawn it procedurally. I can handle either, I just need to solve this one problem and I can move forward.

Assistance is greatly appreciated, I’m losing my mind.

I don’t know if this will help you but I was going through the same thing and was able to make things work decently well by creating material’s/ material instances with emissive textures so that they show up well. Then I used one directional light with a hue to get a better atmosphere. You can see in the setup for the materials as well as the setup I had with lights vs the setup using the textures. Obviously the one with the actual lights looks way better but considering the limitations of mobile you can get an ok looking replica.

Thanks a lot, I’ve been getting some ok results so far using the method you’ve described. Unfortunately your first two images didn’t upload correctly it seems, so i can’t see what your specific material settings were.

Thanks for the tip!

Sorry about that. I’ll try upload them again.Material Setup and Screenshot of the end result.

have a similar question to lighting, but rather than an indoor runner I’m working on an outdoor endless runner where i have the same issues with lighting. Could i use a similar texture set up without having to bake them. Each object is set to spawn randomly, this is where the lighting has issues. Any answers?

It should work. I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t just because it is “outside”