How to light a completely empty level

I’m currently working on generating a solar system and everything has been going swimmingly until I decided to test out the lighting tonight. I made a completely empty level (solid black emptiness, so very space like), stuck a few planets in there and quickly found out that a directional light won’t work as it lights up the planets as if they have the same light hitting them from the same angle no matter where they are in world space, which is kind of explanatory based on the light’s name. A point light would have worked if it had a large enough radius for more than a planet and a moon, so that’s out. At this point I have no idea how to solve this. Basically I want a physical sun that is set in the origin of an empty level to cast light in 360 degrees in every direction. Can anyone help with this?

You could try it with a skylight -> it will add a constant light to everything :slight_smile:

Skylights don’t seem to work with empty levels. It only works if you bring in exponential height fog and a directional light.


Figured out how to do it.

What did you do?

Add a skylight and atmospheric fog. Set the atmospheric fog “default light color” to black