How to learn UE4 programming?

Hi all,

I come from Unity and I recently made the decision I want to use UE4 and c++ to make a small game that I can show at job interviews, since most companies ask for c++ knowledge.

I first read a book about general c++, I then did all official tutorials and samples from UE4 and I followed the Battery Collector tutorial.

Now I tried to start with my own project, but I’m already stuck on the first thing I’m trying to do.

I was wondering what you guy’s take is when you’re stuck?

As far as I’ve seen, there’s no official documentation on all the UE4 specific classes/objects etc… Also on there’s noone who has asked my questions before.

How am I supposed to create anything in c++ if there’s no documentation/examples around for UE4 specific stuff?

How did you guys learn ue4 coding? Where do you get the info needed to get something done? Imediately ask stuff on and the forums or something else?


Hopefully these will help:

Unreal Engine 4 For Unity Developers

Unity3D Developer’s Guide to Unreal Engine 4

In addition, try to search in the forum for this question. A LOT of people have asked this before and there are some really good discussions etc that might help you!

EDIT: And there ARE tutorials for learning C++. The thing is, you should not learn UE4 + C++, but C++ and then start using UE4.

@Kris :smiley: Sorry for interfering with the posts xD

I absolutely agree with you my friend.

We are the same person, the only difference in what you said is that i don’t come from Unity.

I’m developing a game to shot at job interview too

Don’t get me wrong, C++ is awesome, but you need (You don’t NEED to, but you’ll want to) to learn blueprints as well.

Back on topic, when I get stuck, I usually browse the AnswerHub for things I am looking for. I am far from an ordinary person that does ordinary things with code, so my questions are usually unanswered, in which case I turn to ask a question on the forums. This community is extremely helpful, and you’ll generally see the same friendly faces answering questions, unlike many other forum boards out there (though there are occasionally a few questions left unanswered). Don’t get me wrong, I am nowhere near proficient with C++ in UE4 (I use blueprints whenever possible), but I am getting there.

This brings up memories - learning how to mod UT3 with no documentation ! :open_mouth:

Here’s my advice :

  • Start with the basic code templates and understand what they do. Create a C++ shooter template and get into it.
  • Pay very close attention to “Game”, “PlayerController”, “Pawn” classes. This is the core of you game and mostly enough to make a singleplayer prototype.
  • Understand the Actor, Component, Object core classes. You can take a look at the header files but the documentation is fine.

You can also play around with Blueprint as it mostly reproduces the C++ API.

In my experience, at the moment you’re “supposed” to read engine source code. Doing that requires significant C++ experience, and even that is not going to work in 100% cases.


I also came from Unity and found these quite helpful:

Thanks for the helpful tips guys.

I’m now learning blueprints, going through the code of template projects and taking a look at the code of the strategy game example. The strategy game example seems to be a good learning source for c++ :slight_smile: it can be downloaded from the learn section in the launcher.

Try those, and as others say, start small before you go big.

That my way

First phase: Begin learning C++ if you don’t known, but begin programming UE4 with Blueprints its the better way for learn how engine/logic/functions/api works.

When you are very comfortable with BP, and greatest part on engine jump to the second phase. That must be take months not weeks.

Second phase: Begin Learning C++ Advanced, still programming with blueprint but begin convert or make a some functions in C++ and exposed to BP , using a plugin “BlueprintFunctionLibrary” like the Rama one VictoryLibrary i think its the best way to begin use c++ in your projects.

Third phase… well when i arrive…

Third phase?!
Try making your own C++ modules, after that your own C++ module plugins; maybe also plugin linking external DLLs after that, I’ve learned a lot that way :slight_smile:

This book could help:

C ++ Networking Replication Multiplayer Tutorial Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube check out my tutorial you learn it for sure.