How to know when a Particle System is finished?

I have this particle system with a duration, I want to know when its done. But I have an issue, there doesn’t appear to be a way to grab the current particles duration so i can use a delay node, or an event to bind to. Any advice?

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The most expedient way of dealing with this is go into your particle system’s Required module and look at the emitter duration, then in your blueprints set a timer to that duration and call a custom event from that timer. I will investigate pulling duration itself into blueprints, but I do not believe that is currently possible.

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Eric Ketchum

Thanks for the reply Eric. The issue is the particles are attack animations at run time any of them can spawn with different durations. I need to know when they are complete to show the damage result. If you can add access to the duration in blueprints that would be great!

has there been any update on this Eric? I am in the same position as

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So we can do this in the engine and this is what you would want to look at,

(For reference I am using a simple Burst Emitter that lasts 2.5 Seconds (P_Test) and calling a Print String when the system registers as finished.)

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Eric Ketchum

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