How to know when a character lands?

Is there a way to check through programming (using Blueprints or C++, either way) if a character is in the middle of a jump? (i.e. If the character jumps off a cliff, can I check and see whether or not my character is still in the air?)

Also, is there a way I can find out through programming (again, using Blueprints or C++, either way) to know what frame a jumping character hits the ground?

You can use OnHit or the function NotifyOnHit to compare if your actor is touching the ground, in case its not you will know it is jumping

Or you can use a collision shape and use NotifyActorEndOverlap to know when your actor leaves the ground and NotifyActorBeginOverlap when your actor touch the ground again

and i dont know if you can get the exact frame but you can get the exact second using (on C++) GetWorld()->GetGetTimeSeconds(), it will return a float with the second and miliseconds it hit the ground again

I would make a Branch with the condition (boolean) “IsFalling” for the character movement like

to know when my character is not on the ground. Then print it, if you need some kind of message. But this won’t tell you at what frame (don’t know how to do that exactly, should be something on the print string).

Good luck!