How to know Tracker ID for Vive Tracker


I’m testing with my the new Vive Trackers. I’m currently tracking position and orientation using “Get Tracked Device Position and Orientation” but this function need an input id for tracker. My issue is that ID changes depending what controller was connected first. Sometimes my vive tracker id is 5 other times is 6… and I have to change ir manually.

Any idea to get the tracker id each execution??


Like this?


Yeah Marco!!

Thanks so much!! I did not know it!



I have been testing and it doesn’t works for me. “Get Valid Tracked Device Ids” selecting “tracking reference” type returns an array with 3 and 4 but the id for my current connected vive tracker is 1…


Tracking references are the lighthouses, currently the Vive trackers show up under “Invalid” devices in epics array but are still accessible. This still doesn’t allow you to “flag” specific trackers as they are first come first serve as far as the index they represent.

how do you actually connect the Get Valid Tracked Device Ids into Get Tracked Device Position and Orientation ? thanks in advance