How to know that the animation is finished?


I know there are maybe a few articles in the Internet, but I have not yet seen a good solution for C++ project. AnimNotify is not reliable enough for such a purpose. I do not want Montages and similar stuff. My scenario is following:

A player has just landed and should notify my script. How to fire an event at the end of those animations?

Why you think that AnimNotify is not reliable enough for that situation?

They do exactly that, you can add notify at the end of JumpLand animation, then in EventGraph of your AnimBlueprint you can catch an event of this notify triggering (hit right-click and print name of added notify).

Or is that scenario not appliable in your case?

Thank you for your reply. I noticed the Anim Notify is not fired up sometimes, and the character is frozen in a jump landed pose. Is there any other solution?

Unfortunately, if there is other way, I don’t know it :frowning:

Are you sure that freeze in a JumpLand pose is happening because of AnimNotify not firing? Maybe condition for moving from JumpLand pose is not right? Not sure if screenshot that you attached to initial message is the actual logic or just for the sake of this question, but in this case animation will end up in JumpLand pose, it has no condition to move from it.

Hello @NikitaAksenov,

I have a similar problem to solve, but every notify event are called at the start of the animation, never at the end (leftState or FullyBlended), or I miss something ?

Thanks !