How to keep objects perpetually floating in water without stopping?

I have been working with buoyancy and water physics lately and I am getting closer to mastering this. One thing is causing me headaches, though. I am able to get objects to fall in the water and to have buoyancy and float. If they are influenced by external forces (like the player character) they will move and look natural. However, when left on their own they come to a complete halt. For it to look realistic, they would need to keep floating at a slow speed to simulate water not being still and a breeze. How do I keep these objects floating in a way that looks natural?

You’ll see I have a TV, a dinosaur skull, a couch, a bag of trash, and a ball that can float. How would I get them to all separately float along slowly as they would if they were in, say, a lake? Like I said, the lack of this slow floating and random movement is what is preventing this from looking correct, so I am very interested in figuring out how to overcome it. Thanks.