how to keep lightmap on static object that is moved after baking?


Is it possible to bake lighting on an static object, then move the static object, but keep the baked lightmap that is on that object and not invalidate it.

The reason I need this is, because when I apply an parallaxOcclusionMapping, it pushes the geometry back, and it shows the occluded spot where the wall meets the floor.
Here are some screenshots that make it more clear:

So if I can move the wall more to the front so the occluded spots are gone and still have the same baked light on the wall, that would solve my problem.

You can use Pixel Depth Offset in order to push the wall out to where it should be.

That’s great! How can I do that more specifically?

This is how I have it set up my material:fd82bb89d125b8ae0b6a985f452ecb28769e9b85.jpeg

Oops, I got the term wrong, it’s the reference plane.

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Thank you!