How to keep closed the folders in world outliner?

I have many folders with many things inside, every time I open the project all the folders start un-collapsed, open. So… it’s a problem. I would like the editor keeps open or closed the folder only if I leave them that way.
Or… is there an specific action that I missing to make folder states persistent between editing sessions, thanks.

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Yeah this bugs me too. Especially when a folder opens every time you select something from it in the perspective view. I can’t think of a reason I would want the outliner folder to open up when selecting something in the viewport. AFAIK there is no functionality exclusive to the outliner that would make this behavior useful. There are times where I would use the outliner to locate something in the world but never vice versa.

Maybe you guys can figure out how to change it yourself and if you do, share the good news with the rest of the world. I find it also quite annoying as I am closing them every time I play in the editor to debug my game. The only thing that has helped so far are the filters. Although it is probably possible through one of these engine files I think: FolderTreeItem.cpp, STableRow.h, ITreeItem.h, WindowsPlatformFile.cpp, SceneOutlinerGutter.cpp

It can be closed manually, so it can most certainly also be done by code somehow. Maybe first find out how exactly it is closed manually by observing the active threads and then try to replicate it or something idk…?

A quick workaround to this issue I would give is everytime you see all the folders are opened, go to the root of the hierarchy in the world outliner (which is the name of the level) and Shift + Click the arrow to close the hierarchy, then release Shift and open it again normally. All the folders will be closed


this excessive click work around would be excusable, but the outliner always starts 999pages down, at the very bottom of the window.
so not only do you hvae to jack with a situation that would be a simple fix, you have to scroll up for 50 pages.
starting the editor at the top of the page, or closed folders would both solve the issue.
when i open a game, im often looking for access to a specific target.

This is really annoying when you click on something and closed folders open. They should keep closed and still open the asset in details. As another workaround you can click in the outliner and press left arrow twice (or more depending on the amounts of folders).

I agree. It’s really annoying and should be an option. Maybe someone likes the current behavior but I don’t.

Same here! Even though I try to keep a clean project with a proper folder hierarchy, I have to struggle with this constantly.

Would also be nice to be able to lock folders so they don’t expand by themselves when you accidentally click an actor.

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Yes PLEASE. This needs fixing. Lots of wasted time repeatedly closing folders which auto open.


If the system insists on opening folders when you select an item it should then close the folder when you select something in another folder or in the root of the scene.