How to keep a collision from blocking a widget interaction component

I like to set some collisions to not block my widget interaction component which has the Source set to World. I already tried setting all trace responses off in the collisions settings but that did not change it. What is the way to do it?

The debug trace of the widget interaction component shows going through the collision but any interaction hover/clicking does not work when a collision is inbetween.

I also want an answer for this, please help

I am also having this problem! Having a pawn too close to the widget actor makes the widget interaction debug trace pass right through the widget.

I had the same problem with a trigger volume and I came up with a work-around. This solved my personal issue, so maybe this is not a solution for general purpose:

After I got the “Overlap”-Event from the trigger box I made the stuff I want it to do and then disabled the collision for this actor. With disabling the collision the widget interaction component does not check against the weird collision of the trigger box or the volume (I guess that it takes the initial overlap and not the think it really hits). I only needed to know in which trigger volume my player is, so I am fine with disabling the collision. If you do something like this and you have multiple trigger volumes like me, then you can enable the collisions for all the other trigger boxes, so you only disable the relevant one.

If you do still need the collision of the trigger volume, then you still might have to think around that issue. =/

This is an issue I’m still encountering as of 4.20.

A UBox component placed around a WidgetComponent will cause a Widget Interaction trace to not collide with the WidgetComponent even if collision on all channels for the UBox is set to ignore and the UBox has bHiddenInGame = true.

Not sure if this happens with other UShape components as well – have not tested them – and I’m not really sure what’s happening here. I’d love to understand what’s going on.

You can work around that problem by setting up a custom trace channel.
Set the custom trace channel to ignore by default.
Tell your widget interaction component to trace on your new custom trace channel.
Customize the collision for the widget you want to interact with so it blocks your new custom trace channel.