How to keep a character walking well you can change direction? For exemple Pac-Man

I’m new at UE4 and i need to recreate a Pac-Man game but I’m stuck on the movement of Pac-Man himself. if sombady could explain it to me would be amazing.

I would recommend looking at a tutorial first rather than asking a question on the forums. There’s plenty on YouTube, just look up “Ue4 2d Movement” and follow a tutorial. :slight_smile:

Parkman 3d is far too complex of a movement base for a fresh user.

Take your time on other stuff to understand how things work, then this will make sense.

  1. movement in a direction is added manually on a per-tick basis.

  2. arrows schedule and consume a path change value.

  3. each frame the scheduled direction change is checked with a box trace.
    When that trace has no hits, the movement is changed and the value consumed.

3.1 for this to work, the pawn has to move at precise increments while still accounting for frame speed.
If the increments are off, the side trace will hit a wall and prevent movement at intersections.

As such, all levels are better off being built by an automated level maker. Placing stuff at precise intervals is also possible manually, but there’s margin of error that an automated system will never introduce.

Thanks for the reply

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I just made a little tutorial on how to get started with Pac Man movement.