How to invert text coordinates of a material for 360 video inside a sphere for GearVR

I am creating a 360 video player using a sphere and placing the player inside. It all works fine but the content is mirrored. You can fix this by setting Text Coordinates > UTiling = -1 of the material. It works fine playing using Selected ViewPort, VR Preview and Mobile Preview. However if you Launch it on a mobile device (Samsung Galaxy S6 and Gear VR), it does not work as it is distorted beyond recognition. To be clear: if you set the textcoor UTiling to 1 the content is playing correctly but mirrored in Gear VR. I am guessing a bug…

Is this a bug or do I have to do something else to make this work?


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have you tried scaling the sphere mesh by (-1,0,0), or fixing the uvs in a modelling app?

Negative scaling did it! Thanks a lot!

Wow! What a super simple and elegant solution. Thank you!