How to interpolate the emissive color on texture material?

I have a character with a mechanic eye, glowing yellow (emissive color)

I’d like to make it slowly turn off, indicating that the character is dead or is dying.

So I thought about getting the emissive color and set it to a new one, depending on the time.

but I could not find any function to get the color from material, in blueprint.

please help!

I would drive a linear interpolate between the two desired values (eyes lit, eyes unlit) using a material instance parameter as the alpha.

Then I’d use a timeline in blueprint to update the parameter when needed.

Here’s an actual implementation of what I described above, the Blueprint logic is just triggered by a custom event inside the actor. In your case you’d want to trigger the effect when your character dies.

Thank you so much for the detailed answer Arkiras.

I have one more question, is the new material attached to the skeletal mesh in order to make it work?

I wouldn’t even make a new material, I would just add the lerp into the material the existing character material, whatever you already have applied to the character.