How to integrate USART with UE4?

Hi there!
There is a little question than had been bothering me for quite a while. As I learn electronics in my high school, I really like to build some cool electronic systems, including serial communication with the computer (USART).
I am planning to build my own game controller (not something fancy, just a joystick, a microcontroller and couple of buttons) and I would really like to integrate it with some USEFUL programs (not just plain boring console programs in c/c++). So I have two related questions:
a) Is it even possible? To communicate with the microcontroller I need to include (is that a problem?)
b) Which is more efficient- Modifying the engine code (and where?) to support my controller OR just creating a bluepring class that will be an ControllerEventHandler that will send custom events when the microcontroller sends a message?

P.S.- My microcontroller is ATMEGA328P, and it communicates with the PC with simple USB serial communication (TX, RX… not something complicated).


Implement your USART code as plugin then use it;)

Take a look on this:

I would start from checking Hydra plugin code:

Thank you very much! You really helped me!

The problem was solved…