How to increase the visual quality of final game? PoolSize problem

Hello, I am making an interior for my study project, and I have a problem with final app. Firstly, when I launch my UE project I need to go to output log and increase the PoolSize to about 4000, because without it, textures are really bad (hope U know what I mean). After increasing PoolSize, project finally looks like it should - it’s a little bit annoying that I have to change it every single time. The main problem is when I tried to export this project into app, when I launch this app, textures was as bad as before increasing PoolSize.
If someone knows the solution how to make app with good quality, like this PoolSize 4000 in project, please make a comment. Thanks!

Easiest way is to add a console command to the level blueprint so that PoolSize 4000 runs when the level starts.

The console command is r.Streaming.PoolSize. A better way to set it is in DefaultEngine.ini:

r.Streaming.PoolSize = 1000

Further reading here:…reaming/Config

However - there’s a reason you should not set the PoolSize to something as ridiculous as 4000. If you set that figure, you need at least 4GB of VRAM on the GPU. Most GPU’s do not have that. You will see big performance problems if you make the pool too large.

Realistically, nobody should need 4GB of streaming memory for a good looking game. Optimize your texture sizes and reduce the overall amount of textures in the project where you can. And of course, make sure the textures are streamable - stay to power-of-2 sizes and square textures where possible.

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