how to increase tesselation multiplier with distance based tesselation power system

I want to increase the power of tesselation just in the area where the tesselation is active , what should i multiply?

i found this system in a tutorial but i dont understand it.

What is it you don’t understand?

You check the distance of every pixel vs the distance of the camera, you isolate pixels above X distance and fade out gradually to infinity.
The clamp prevents the value from ever being greater then 10, so you undo the infinity by placing a hard limit.

in visual terms you then invert the mask and increase the brightness again, which I’m positive isn’t what you need. The 1- maybe correct. The power isn’t.

Tess multipler maxes out at 32 or 64 or something similar btw.

I would just remove the power and change the clamp valur to 34 to see what happens.

Hello, thank you to help me

, i tried but it dont change the amount of tesselation.

By the looks of it, its maxed out.
to increase beyond what it is you’d need to edit the values in
\Unreal Engine\4.x\Engine\Shaders\Tessellation.usf
\Unreal Engine\4.x\Engine\Shaders\PNTriangles.usf

keep in mind you will affect performance.

Thank you but i have found another solution -> I just scaled up my character and the tiling of the landscape textures to 4x higher. So i have a very good render and my landscape shapes looks smoother too.