How to increase shadow draw distance?

I’ve found the answer that it is necessary to insert it in a file ConsoleVaraibles.ini:

r.Shadow.FadeResolution - controls how big the light has to be on the screen before it starts to fade out.

  • Default Value: 64
  • Can lower this value to keep shadows from fading out at further distances

r.Shadow.MinResolution - controls how big the light has to be on the screen before it finishes fading out, at which point it no longer has cost.

  • Default Value: 32
  • Lower values seem to increase shadow visibility.

r.Shadow.TexelsPerPixel - Causes a higher resolution to be assigned and then it should fade out less aggressively

  • Default Value: 1.27324
  • Can increase this value to improve shadow rendering visibility & quality


  • Default Value: 0.03
  • A lower value of 0.02 or 0.01 greatly increases shadow visibility at far camera distances (seems to have the most impact of all the console commands).

But nothing has changed, what to do?

Alternatively we can increase Bounds Scale of the mesh but it strongly influences the performance I would like to learn more viable option

What about values even smaller for r.Shadow.RadiusThreshold like 0.002 or so? It depends on how small the shadows you are talking about are.

Also the distance field shadows in upcoming 4.8 are the best way to handle very far shadow distances with performance in mind.

I say that after changing settings nothing has changed

help plz…

Need more info, can you post screenshots of all your directional light settings please?

also, an image of the shawows dissapearing would be nice, but at the very least if you can tell me the bounding radius of your meshes and the approximate distance the shadows are dissapearing I can try to repro it.