How to increase scene(far away) antialias quality?


How to improve this area’s anti-alias quality?:

PS:I have used the highest setting(Epic profile). And material quality level is High.


That doesn’t look like an aliasing issue, unless those dark stripes aren’t supposed to be there in the blue and yellow.
If that’s a mesh that’s on the ceiling, then the issue could be z-fighting, where the meshes are too close together.

Thank you.

You mean z-fighting issue? But near area is fine:

PS: where can set camera’s near and far clip, maybe I can increase near clip to fix this issue?

From that screenshot it doesn’t look like z-fighting. I think the issue is just the design, having those lines that way will make it look like that.

Hi Alonezhby,

I would agree with DarthViper on this one. I had an issue with this last week I was helping someone with.

Take a look at this thread as it may help explain more about the Moire effect and a solution.

Using normal maps and/or driving some displacement through your material based on distance may help as well. Even using some depth of field blur in the post process may help cover the issue if those others do not work to your advantage.


@Tim Hobson,
Thank you.

Is there another way to solve this issue? I don’t want to remodel it right now.
Maybe I’ll try your method next project.