How to include CEF3 third party module in packaged build?


I’m using WebBrowser module in my game and it works fine in editor but when it comes to packaging the CEF3 library is not included with the staged build.

When I’ll try to run the application it will crash since there is no CEF3 library. But when I copy/paste entire CEF library from the engine and paste it into staged project directory it works just fine.

So heres my question: how can I set CEF3 library to always be copied into staged directory during packaging?


Try setting bUsesCEF3 to true in the constructor of your game’s Target.cs file. It should look like this:

public class ShooterGameTarget : TargetRules
    public ShooterGameTarget(TargetInfo Target)
        Type = TargetType.Game;
        bUsesCEF3 = true;

It appears that Epic fixed the binaries not being copied over in a version of 4.11. I’ve temporarily copied some of these changes to make it work for 4.10.1; you can view the code changes here.

I did put bUsesCEF3 on true in my target file but it didnt work on 4.10, after updating to master branch all is good. Thanks.