How to include blueprints in a plugin?

So I have a c++ plugin with some actors. I activated this plugin in a test project and created few blueprints (extended actors from a plugin). Is there a way to include those blueprints in the plugin in any way? So I can copy just a plugin to another project, activate it, and start using actors from the plugin AND blueprinted actors from the plugin that I created before.

I’m asking because I want to submit this plugin to a marketplace and I need to submit both plugin and blueprinted actors. Since I don’t want to add all functionality to a c++, it is not suited for some things.

I tried to just copy content folder to a plugin and write to a *.uplugin file

"CanContainContent" : true

but then plugin doesn’t even appear in plugin list.

Bump, some answers on this would be nice.

Interested in this as well. Not sure what the cancontaincontent flag does?

I’ve managed to do it!

I’ve simply created a “Content” Folder directly in my Plugin Folder (in the Unreal Project I’m building it on & via windows explorer).

Then I copied and pasted the uasset I wanted in there (still in the windows explorer).

Then I packaged the Plugin. Then I added the plugin to a project and went to the content browser.

I checked the option “Show Plugin Content” and tada, my content appeared (I just tested with flat .wav sound files, I hope it works for Blueprints as well :p).


Thanks for the tip. I didn’t realize it was so straightforward. For reference, the migrate tool in the content browser also works assuming the content folder in the plugin is already made.

It works with other files but with blueprints you lose all relations between them, even if you use the “migrate” option. Still working on this. If anybody have a solution it will be very helpful.

I had no trouble of the sort. Make sure to fix all redirectors after moving your blueprints from project content to plugin content. If you don’t know what redirectors are: they are hidden files automatically created when moving / renaming assets. You have to display them (filters / miscellaneous / redirectors in your content browser), right click them and “fix up” them. Once you’ve fixed up all redirectors, you should be fine packaging / exporting the plugin.