How to import PSD files into Unreal 4.15?

Hi everyone,

I’m running Quixel Suite 2 (add-in to Photoshop) and when I export my finished project from Quixel DDO as “Unreal4 (RMA Packed)”, it generates an OBJ file and three texture files (Albedo, Reflection, and Normal) with Photoshop PSD file extensions.

I can import the OBJ, but receive the below error when trying to import the three PSD texture files.

Failed to import ‘…/…/…/…/…/…/Users/admin/Desktop/Unreal 4 Packed/Albedo yveqCT-jP copy.psd’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/Albedo_yveqCT-jP_copy’.

I’ve searched Quixel’s documentation and Unreal’s documentation to no avail. I have no idea on where I go within the applications to correct this. Can someone tell me step by step where I need to go in order get this to work, or point me to a resource that has this information?

Ue4 recognizes obj as a 3d model. Not a material.If you save your image as PNG then you can create a material in UE4.
This is a quixel material tutorial for UE4. I prefer PNG, but you can use other image formats for textures such as Targa,Jpeg etc. I always use FBX for UE4. If your using a 3d modelling software such as Maya then always assign a new material to model, and name it. Ue4 will import the material, and textures. However I always right click on my PNG, and select create new material. Right click texture sample, and then select image.
This is a quixel material tutorial for UE4.