How to import PNG file by the Editor utility blueprint?

Hi Guys,
When I take a screenshot, it makes the png file on the specific folder.
And I drag it into the folder now.
Recently I knew the editor utility blueprint and python import asset.
My question was “How to import the new png file to uasset file? by the blueprint?”

anyone know it?

My question is - what do you want to do with that png inside your project?

Thanks for your interest.
When I take the screenshot by the screenshot console command.
(When I use scenecapture2D, I can use the static texture to import new “uasset” files with the render target. however, I couldn’t capture the waterbody.)

the taken image should be imported new uasset. and We can use it to show the mini map.
Now, we have the drag&drop to import new asset.

If I know how to use the import asset task on the blueprint (not Python, We don’t use the python execute now), I can make it automatically.

did you have any clue?