How to import pftrack camera into Unreal?

I’m working in a composition where a live footage with camera movement will be surrounded by a virtual animated 3D scenario. I’ve tracked the footage using Pftrack and I want to generate my 3D scene using Unreal. How can I import the pftrack data to an Unreal camera?
My first try was to import the camera into Blender, transfer the animation to an ordinary object there and export it to Unreal (fbx). It worked, but I don’t know how to make an Unreal camera use the same animation.

Hi! did you found a way to do this ? doing the exact same research to see if Unreal is usable for a similar pipeline.

This is doable. You have to export your tracked camera from PFTrack into your 3d application(I used Maya in my case) then after that you can just export the camera animation as an fbx and then import it into Unreal. I had to fiddle with the scale to get everything to match properly.

Use the sequencer in Unreal engine to add your animation to an Unreal camera.

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I am having the scale problems u mention. any tims how to set the scale properly ?
i did import pftrack fbx to maya than had to bake it again to be able to work for unrealk… but when importing to camera in unreal the movement are so TINY… …i could change the scale to 100 during the import but than camera is HUGE. . but looking ok from cmarea …seams lkike camera actor ICON is just way to large… any tips ?

hello @NASRHYM
can you pls expound on scale issues and how you fixed that?
i am having scaling issues as well

thank you!