How to import modular assets from VROID to BLENDER to UNREAL?

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Hello! I am pretty new to Unreal Engine. I have been looking at cool unreal projects since I was younger but have only recently attempted making my own projects. I’m a comp-sci major and do have some coding experience and am more than okay with getting my hands dirty to learn more. Right now I am in the midst of developing a character creation system to use for my IPs. I am utilizing the Assembly modular character plugin on the Unreal marketplace(Assembly: Modular Character Creator in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace ) to help with this. That is all working fine and well and I am able to follow the documentation, YT tutorials, or ask questions on the discord. So do note I have attempted to find a solution elsewhere. My question is how can I create modular assets/skeletal meshes working for actors in UE? Quite similar to this asset:(Stylized Character Kit: Casual 01 in Characters - UE Marketplace ) I imported, exported .fbx from Blender of the various parts of the model like face, hair, clothes, etc. I scaled correctly out of Blender and all and the assets appeared in the editor. I was told to make sure all the imported .fbx share the same skeleton and I thought I did but it just didn’t work… I apologize if that is inconclusive lol but note I am still new to UE and don’t quite even know how to articulate what is failing. I am fine with manipulating the models in the VROID program to get varied character assets, I’m fine with getting them into Blender but something is not coming together when I import them to Unreal. Any guidance is MUCH appreciated, any push in the right direction to a tutorial would be absolutely wonderful. I am reading through the Persona documentation in the editor, still looking for help though.

My guess is your normals are flipped.

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Can you please explain?