How to import google earth top view image into the editor to match the real heightmap?

There are videos showing how to import heightmaps but I can’t find a single video showing how to import a google map picture (top view) for to use it as a base layer texture to match the real world heightmaps so I can paint over it with my textures.

Could you please show how to import a google map material onto a map? I don’t mean the heights but the picture that you take screenshot from google earth top view and place it in the editor so that it matches the real world heightmap (that I imported as well) and use it as a base layer texture over it.

The reason for this is because if I import only the heightmaps I still can’t see where are the fields/trees/buildings/villages that you see on google earth and in order to paint over them to match the real world fields/trees/houses etc.

In other words how to import a satellite google earth image into the UE4 editor so that is perfectly lined up with the imported heightmaps?

If there is a way to do it, its news to me. I’ve always done it the old fashion way: download SRTM data.

Maybe there is some way to download maps off google earth but I’m not aware of it. only way I would know how to do it is by finding the long/lat coords of your SRTM and manually cropping a view in google earth to match it and then snap a screenshot. But note that that stuff probably isn’t legal to use so I wouldn’t do it. That’s why I’ve never tried. All I have done is used it for some very rough color reference.