How to import from to ue4?

So I tried to download some plaster textures from this site but Unreal engine always tells me “Failed to import” (and a bunch of other nonsense. Any ideas that can help me get these textures in my game, but please don’t tell me I need photoshop I hate spending money. ,

What format do they come with? And you dont need photoshop, there many conversion software as well as you got gimp

I was in the PBR section I wanted to download the albedo texture map but when I would it takes me to the photo gallery and I would need to save the texture as

Than save it as PNG or JPG (PNG is better)

There’s only TIF

maybe you need to login or buy them (not sure ) but once you are able to download the textures as PNG u can easily import them to ue4 by either drag and drop or right-click and chose import in the top of the list

Load it into a free graphics editing software that can read TIF and then Save As or Export to JPG or PNG. GiMP and Pixlr should be able to handle it.

Actually this online site might be the easiest way:

On that one, all you have to do is upload the TIF that you downloaded from the other site (or even just put in its URL without downloading it first) and then tell it to convert it and then it will download the PNG version of it to you. super simple.

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