How to Import Crisp Pixel Art (for Sprites and Textures)

Everything I’m importing in any fashion gets messed with like it got turned into a JPEG or something. It’s all compressed and fuzzied up. This’d probably be a good thing if I were using certain kinds of art, but I need to be able to import pixel art based on Earthbound, and I’m really not seeing how to do that.

My game is meant to be half nostalgia trip, so it’s important to have not just vaguely in the Earthbound style, but very close to the original graphics. Is it even possible to do this with Unreal? I know Unreal is generally meant to be 3d, but it’s got some 2d capabilities and can make use of sprites instead of just 3d models. One of the aspects that excited me was that it seems capable of switching between 2d and 3d modes within the same game without too much trouble, and that’s important to the sort of game I’m making, so it seemed like a good fit. But if it can’t handle basic imported SNES-era art without ******** it up (because it’s specced entirely for non-pixel art formats), I may have to look elsewhere.

But if it can actually import an image the way the image is designed to be, without un-pixelating it, then please help me understand how to do that. The couple of tutorials I just tried are outdated enough that they think you have to import each sprite frame individually; I need some up-to-date info.

…okay, I don’t have the best idea what I just did, but somehow now I have crisp sprites.

They are currently Textures. I am now trying to figure out how to make them into a Sprite and a Tileset, respectively. But at least it does appear that the program is capable of letting me have the art I got designed for me.

…also, “screw” is a swear word on this forum? Huh.
that should resolve your problem with sharpness of your pixel art :wink:

and for your sprite animation import

I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

I’ve got a handle on sprites and flipbooks, and have managed to get directional sprite animations. Now I’m stuck on trying to make the character move up and down, and not knowing how to make a constant movement speed instead of slow acceleration.

i found this :

dont know if that can help


I think it’s a very bad practice to increase the image size to reduce effect of anti-alliasing. The file will size will increase a lot, there still will be anti-alliasing (it will just be less visible), it requires PhotoShop and the proper way to fix this is actually easier :
Just edit your Texture (double click on it in the Content Browser). **In the Texture category **(on the right) **show details **(click the little arrow at the bottom), and select “Nearest” in the “Filter” list. Much faster, no photoshop, heavy file for pixelarted sprite.

I also suggest that you search out for the Compression Setting that fits the best to your texture (it’s at the top of the Details ScrollBar, in the Compression Category). UserInterface2D is probably the best fit if you’re applying this advice for a Sprite / Tile / HUD. You should see a color ehancement compared to the Default parameter.

Well, this post is from 2015~2016, I don’t know if this option was available back then, but it will still serve newcomers who search for this ! :wink:

Thanks k_Rave,it helps a lot.