How to import c4d realflow meshes to Unreal Engine

I want to do a water animation in c4d with realflow plugin and i want to traspost it to unreal engine.
In unreal engine i want add a water material and render it.
Can you tell me how to do this???

From the little bit what i saw about Realflow, the water simmulation might be particle based.
Sure you can somehow turn it into a mesh or rather a series of meshes, but they surely have a very high polycount.

You could try to import the mesh sequence and do a flipbook animation with them, or you might as well search for a way to use the new alembic import.
AFAIK, Realflow Cinema and UE4 support .abc file format.
Ofc. this doesn’t neccessarely mean it will work like intended, or at all.

Maybe you should rather look out for in-engine Solutions like: