How to import a level with textures from another person.

Hello, My friend has been building levels for our game. I have been doing the blueprint work and such. How do I properly get the level from him working with textures onto my unreal project? He has been building it IN Unreal 4.8.3 with textures. Last time we did this it brought up some weird viewing screen of the level that didn’t even load the textures. If this is possible what is the procedure you have to take in order to get the level properly?

if you are both in 4.8 then he should be able to zip his whole project folder to you load it up and then you add the blue prints to it… you can either import or drag and drop in file explorer and reload your launcher.

I cant add the level from him to my project?

If you just move the Maps folder, it doesn’t move the assets that the map maybe dependent on.

The easiest way is to move a level is to copy the ‘Content’ folder through Windows Explorer and paste it into the project you are moving it too. Just make sure you don’t have any conflicting names because you will want to overwrite any duplicate files.

Thank you !